finalised corporate manual for HYWATA
corporate design manual
logo design, flyer & poster, font hierarchies & font pairing für HYWATA
in collaboration with incus—raw arts
photograph of a notebook showing the design process
Entwicklung eines Logos und Corporate Design Manuals für die hydrologisch-wasserwirtschaftliche Fakultät der BOKU anlässlich einer Tagung
✕ ✕ ✕
creation of logo and corporate manual for the Institute of Water Management, Hydrology
and Hydraulic Engineering of
 BOKU university on the occasion of a conference
corporate color range (pale blue-green, light blue, dark forest green, muddy grey)
process of the logo design — from greece letter psi to a versatile logo
GIF showing font pairing with logo
merchandise t-shirt with mesmerising print and logo
Process image showing font pairing for headlines and copy text